Our Bio

For more than 25 years Jim has constructed, subdivided and developed hundreds of homes and lots.

As an experienced contract administrator, tactful negotiator, construction supervisor, motivator of labor and quality conscious employer his projects have included differing participants with sensitive needs.

Improvements and designs always aimed to align with best practices, political sensitivities, and social requirements.

The construction process requires the skills of dozens of professionals and subcontractors. Architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and site planners, attorneys, environmental consultants and soils engineers, surveyors, suppliers, title companies and many more subcontractors are involved to name just a few. We have an in depth first-hand knowledge of what each discipline does in detail so as to understand exactly what they need to supply for wisdom, talent, efforts, abilities and materials.
Passed projects have ranged from ocean front commercial, entitlement of raw land parcels, development of large subdivisions, acquisitions for major corporations, the construction of many custom homes and  age restricted condominiums.

What you can expect from Russ Builders

  1. Time, cost and quality management
  2. Health, safety and environmental awareness
  3. Rational decision making
  4. Proper human resource allocation
  5. Primary consideration for your best interest

What We Offer


25 years of construction, land and realty knowledge


Orchestrating and controlling the entire process


Fair honest communicative relationships with all stakeholders